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More Six Months Photos

A few more photos from earlier today. They kind of all look the same, but I just love his face…

colson ryan

Six Months

November 19th, 2014. Today is Colson’s half birthday. WE made it! 6 months of baby life, motherhood, fatherhood, parenthood…

1) Colson woke up today and we found his first tooth!

2) He goes to bed around 7p and sleeps most of the night. (Minus a feed before mama goes to sleep!)

3) Colson is practically crawling and often scoots to get his toy of choice or the dogs (food!)

4) He loves petting (grabbing) the dogs ears, paws and tails.

5) Many of his toys bore him. He’d rather kick his feet at the curtains or grab at the electric cord.

6) His first owwie is healing – a second degree burn from the baseboard heater on his left hand.

7) He is still tasting solids as most everything causes him to spit up more.

8) Colson LOVES seeing himself in the mirror and will crack up as we’re walking down the hall toward it.

9) He loves his mom and dad and often smiles or laughs when one of us walk in the room.

10) He cries when we leave.

11) He has preference for certain toys – his chewable book, his rattle.

12) Daytime naps are a challenge for both of us.

13) He’s been using his cloth diapers and they’ve been working out really well for when we are at home.

14) Yesterday (11/18) he spent a long stretch of time without mom and dad. We got to go see an IMAX movie in Seattle. Colson stayed with neighbor Jamie.

15) Sometimes Colson will spend time with daddy in the pack n play while dad works.

16) He sleeps with a blankie.

17) Colson loves bathtime and we think it’s funny how he crosses his ankles and floats on his back.

18) His hair is filling in so nicely!

19) He turns his head when we say his name.

We love Colson so much. Some… A lot of days of challenging… He inspires us to greater joy every day!

Happy SIX months, sweet boy!


colson ryan daddy

A trip to the Seattle Arboretum

Such a fun day at the Seattle Arboretum with the family! Walked the trails and rescued Atticus from running into the street.

Colson will be 6 months in 10 days. I can’t believe it. We are soaking up every giggle, smile and scrunchy face. He fills mama’s heart with joy. We love seeing his excitement when he sees himself in the mirror. No teeth yet, but he still drools and chews on everything. Sleeps through the night with a little feeding before mama goes to bed.


Just smiling.

Colson at 5 and a half months.