colson ryan

A hard night…

Today Colson is 3 weeks + 3 days.

Last night was the first night that Colson didn’t fall happily asleep after his middle of the night feeding. I had noticed that for most of the day he was extra gassy. Actually, so was I. Sorry, little fella! And while he ate his midnight snack, I could hear the little gas bubbles rumbling through his tummy. He also seemed extra hungry and the burps/spit-up really bothered him.

Normally, he goes to sleep so easily after a middle of the night feeding and almost immediately closes his eyes once “his head hits the pillow.” Instead, he cried… Hard and very loudly! By the time he was quieting down, we could see the sun starting to peek through our blinds. We ended up letting him sleep the last couple of hours between us on the bed.

I was SO thankful for God’s grace today. We both got a couple of morning naps and he seemed back to his normal routine of eating, playing and resting – right on schedule. As the days go by, I am more and more amazed by God’s strength in my weakness. Despite our difficult evening, I didn’t feel the weight of the tiredness as I expected… And I even got a few chores done around the house too.

After I took these photos, he quietly fell to sleep on his own… Such a sweet fella… And I treasure the pictures of him and Atticus.